About us

Legends Pointe Nails & Spa's manager - Tom Nguyen, who has had 10 years of experience in manicure and pedicure - and our skillful nail technicians will bring you the best experience. Come to Legends Pointe Nails & Spa at 4300 South Highway 27 Ste.102, Clermont, FL 34711.

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Nail Colors

Here in Legends Pointe Nails & Spa, we have nearly 700 different nail colors in all kinds of shades and hues. You get to choose any color you want for your nails, making them more beautiful and glossy. From the classy apple red, the sweet tangerine, the peaceful turquoise blue to the fancy seashell beige, or the naughty black, you have all the colors if the world in your hand, literally.

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Gel Colors

We have more than 300 types of gel color in myriads of tones from the best breands such as OPI, DND, Gelish, Cuccio, making sure your precious nails receive the best care.

Solar Color Powder

More than 300 types of Solar Color Powder making sure your nails thicker and stronger. Especially, with Solar Color Powder, your nails will never get chipped like those with polish or gel polish on top.

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VOESH Scents

With the Signature Legends Pointe package, you get to choose among TEN different amazing scents for your lovely feet, varying from Cucumber Fresh, Green Tea, Ocean Refresh, Tangerine Twist, to Virgin Olive , Pink Grapefruit.

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Sea Salt

Four different types of sea salt including Lavender, Mint, Orange and Milk & Honey make sure that your hands and feet will receive the best treatments.